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Administrative Faculty

Sl.N. Nmae Post Contact Photo
1 Avanish Kumar Rai Head clerk 9451305337
2 Saurabh Kumar Rai Clerk 9918440717
3 Rakesh Kumar Sharma Librarion 9455789132
4 Kaushal Kumar Rai Chief Proctor 9450820300
5 Brijesh Kumar Rai Warden 9161379355
6 Amit Kumar Rai H.R. Manager 9455116613



Indrasan Rai

Welcome to Swami Sahajanand Polytechnic Institute (SSPI).The Institute is recognized by AICTE & affiliated to Board of Technical Education 

Ratan kumar Rai

It gives me Immense pleasure to welcome and introduce you to Swami Sahajanand Polytechnic Institute (SSPI) . Pathawdh, Azamgarh. The Centre of technical excellence. Region.


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